About Us

Karamba Cafe Restaurant Karamba Cafe is dedicated to exceeding our guest expectations.

We provide the freshest and tastiest ingredients in our authentic Dominican dishes.

Our guests will be served promptly in a clean and inviting NEIGHBORHOOD ENVIRONMENT by a friendly and outgoing staff committed to operational and interpersonal excellence.

We will prosper by always treating customers, staff, suppliers and our community with the highest level of RESPECT, professionalism, and high ethical standards.

We will treat them like FAMILY!

Our commitment is to work feverishly at setting, accomplishing and maintaining worthy goals.

True to their restaurateur roots in Dominican republic, the Tejeda family always dreamed of having their own restaurant in their new home in New York City. They struggled and saved for years to build their new restaurant. Finally in November 2013 they sold the family grocery to buy the business of karamba.
Their business philosophy was the idea that fresh, tasty food in good portions served in a local neighborhood atmosphere by friendly people would help them to realize the American Dream.
The brothers had its inspiration in a Dominican restaurant, the family visited years earlier. They studied and researched everything they could find about Dominican Republic, its culture, and its food. Then they hired there chef.
Karamba is popular with all ethnic and socio-economic groups.

Karamba is known primarily for its savory steaming plates of traditional Dominican food with up to 16 different features plus specials everyday. The sandwiches, including a classic Cuban Sandwich, are also prepared with authentic recipes. Fried plantains, great appetizers and side dishes, soups, and beverages including the traditional tropical fruits, provide something for everyone. And, as you might suspect, there are a few Dominican specialties available. Add the proprietary sauces and condiments and you have all the ingredients for a uniquely satisfying experience.

Special Ingredients

All of our secret recipes are authentic and true to their origins. They are, however, proprietary as we have combined the ingredients and preparation methods in our own special way.
We have several unique sauces including
While we use only the finest and freshest ingredients in our delicious meals, we are still able to charge a fair price for a generous portion of food while keeping margins in a healthy range by taking advantage of our multi-restaurant buying power.